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Rockson Arnold is a Ghanaian American actor and director known for The Good Neighbor (2016), Cinematostrophe (2017), Inferno X (2018), and The Grieving Seeker (2018). 

After high school, he studied Information Technology at George Mason University and Oakland University. He made his first documentary film in 2009 while working on a research project for an outside college institution.   

In 2012, he took his first acting class at Oakland University all the while working for an IT firm. By the end of the semester, he had directed and starred in a film project for a campus organization he had started in the prior year. 

The making of the film project served as a reawakening moment for his strong interest in acting and directing movies. In the year following, he left the Tech industry to pursue a career in acting and directing after being accepted into New York Film Academy Acting program. Throughout his high school and college years, he wrote and directed plays and stared in a number of them.